In a RAID on a house in the settlement of Segev Shalom seized three pistols, an M-16 rifle and thamoshtchohot special police raided the private house in night Segev Shalom. The House is fenced to a height complex and networked security cameras Four suspects in their 30s were arrested for further questioning on suspicion of weapons possession.

The action took place after an investigation raised that four suspects involved in violence and possession of illegal weapons are in secure complex They suspect the fighters tried to throw the weapons they were, M-16 rifle and FN pistol during a search conducted at two additional pistols Glock, a box with about 1000 5.56 caliber ammunition bullets mm, five clips, binoculars, 9000 dollars in cash and additional equipment.

The operational and intelligence activities against weapons held illegally and used to commit offences. The police take a zero tolerance towards those involved and bring accountability to them.

Translated from Hebrew