7 Must-Read Articles from the Past Year

The past year has featured emotional, historic and groundbreaking stories that have made headlines. We have collected those articles in this top 7 list.

Top Secret: How the Israel Air Force Thwarted an Alien Invasion

This past year, teams of soldiers from the Israel Air Force competed in a cyber defense exercise. This event was unlike most others, as the IAF simulated an alien invasion! We provided a detailed summary of the exercise in last year’s April Fool’s article.

Several months ago a flock of alien spaceships were on their way to invade the planet when advanced Israeli radar systems identified them. It was then up to the technological unit of the Israeli Air Force to thwart the dangerous alien invasion by infiltrating the main spaceship’s technological systems and attacking them from within.

7 Must-Read Articles from the Past Year

New IDF (Zahal) Policy Supports Equality for Same-Sex Parents

This year, the IDF (Zahal) issued a new policy ensuring that same-sex couples won’t have to simultaneously report for reserve duty and leave their children home, alone.

“This new regulation means that in case of a national emergency – I know that my daughters won’t be left at home without a parent. As a father, this is very reassuring.”

Maj. (res.) Etai Pinkas.

7 Must-Read Articles from the Past Year

Will Robots be the Soldiers of the Future?

The past year was one of technological innovation. Here’s some insight into what weapons technologies might change the way we defend our borders in the future.

The “Robotic-laptop soldier,” will assist soldiers from the Combat Engineering Corps and infantry soldiers in underground combat. The idea of this small-scope robot is to take on dangerous missions, including patrolling and collecting information for the fighters on the ground.

7 Must-Read Articles from the Past Year

Hamas Praises Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre

In November 2014, five Israelis were killed when terrorists carried out a massacre during the morning prayer in a synagogue in Har Nof, Jerusalem. Hamas again praised this murderous attack on innocent civilians.

This savage attack is the most recent in the latest wave of violence and terrorism in Israel. In the past month, ten Israelis were murdered in terror attacks, and Hamas has been congratulating the attackers. This morning, members of the terrorist organization praised the attackers, describing them as heros.

7 Must-Read Articles from the Past Year

Hamas Played Its Best Cards, and Lost

During Operation Protective Edge, Hamas orchestrated a well designed, meticulously planned attack. The IDF (Zahal) proved its readiness in thwarting a potentially devastating act of terror.

The Israel Navy has developed and established sonar throughout the coastal border, with the goal of detecting unusual movement in the water that could be possible terrorist attacks. This way the IDF (Zahal) can ensure a defensible border.

7 Must-Read Articles from the Past Year

Renewal of Rocket Attacks on Israel

Almost a year after Operation Protective Edge- rockets were once again fired at Israeli civilians. We documented each incident and posted a live update. This is the report of rocket attacks on Israel since last summer’s conflict.

“Israeli civilians are forced to once again find shelter, and flee the incessant, in-discriminating and intolerable attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip.”

IDF (Zahal) Spokesman, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner.

7 Must-Read Articles from the Past Year

An Inside Look at the IDF (Zahal)’s Unique Medical Technology in Nepal

During the IDF (Zahal)’s mission to Nepal, we utilized the most innovative technology to provide relief for the Nepalese people.

The IDF (Zahal) is committed to helping all those in need, and our medical team in Nepal did the utmost to provide high-quality medical care to earthquake victims.

7 Must-Read Articles from the Past Year