A Call to Remember

“I was afraid but had no doubt that I would do it” A Call to Remember

After a series of exams, a 100% match Einav, an operational clerk of the ‘Hammers’ squadrons, is used to the never-ending phone calls: an emergency rush, takeoff or unplanned scenario. But this time the call was different. “They told me that they’d found someone to donate my bone marrow to”

Lilach Gonen

The day Einav Lulian enlisted and made her way through the hysterical atmosphere of the recruiting center, waiting for the new Dacron uniforms, she didn’t think that with a little pinch of a needle she could save a human life. After her recruitment, she was stationed as an operational official at the ‘Hammers’ squadron. As part of her job, she has to deal with phone calls all day, meaning she has lots of experience in the matter. But this phone call was extremely surprising and out of the blue.

“Someone from the recruiting center called me and said that I’m a match, I literarily started crying of joy”, says Einav. “I had no doubt that I want to donate bone marrow and would complete the donation. When I was notified I was terrified that something will go wrong and I wouldn’t be qualified anymore, I didn’t know what was required of me but I had no doubt that I was going to do it”.

After a row of exams the story got a rare twist: a 100% match. She stood tall in front of the hospital doors. “I walked towards the oncology floor and saw many difficult, sad things. It made me more emotional and I felt like I was really doing something important”, says Einav. “The process was painful. I was connected to machines for two says, I was very weak and was in pain for two day, but all I can think of is how it is for him”.