The arrest was carried out at the end of the activity created an undercover COP about with the suspect, a resident of Jerusalem, in hovotbakvut information obtained about a man offering for sale a baby slept three months investigation. An undercover policeman made contact with the suspect, a resident of Jerusalem and met with 30.

During the meetings the suspect attempted to convince the undercover COP to buy his daughter for a total of 100 thousand dollars, in order to cover debts to them gets as a result of gambling. He also claimed to have received an offer from another family, claiming in an incorrect, as leverage for termination.

A meeting was held yesterday is controlled between the undercover COP suspicious. The suspect came to the encounter with the baby in order to advance financially towards the completion of the sale. As soon as the baby was given to the officer, the suspect was arrested and subsequently arrested his wife too (27).

During interrogation claimed that didn’t mean to sell the baby, but had needed for money to cover gambling debts. The baby was transferred to the care of the Jerusalem municipality welfare. The arrest of the suspect was extended and if released with restrictive conditions on completion of investigation. Interrogation on suspicion of human trafficking persists.

Translated from Hebrew