A first female appointed to be a Squadron Deputy Commander A decision was made to promote Captain Yifat to become a deputy commander of a transportation squadron. She will be the first female in this position

Amit Darenger

Capt. Yifat is one of the 17 female combat fighters, serving at an airborne role in the IAF. She began her military career as an assistant in the southern air-control unit. She was then admitted to the flight academy and successfully graduated in 2002. Capt. Yifat was posted to the “Karnaf” transportation squadron, and moved up in the chain of command. In the last six months, she had the command over the ground training part of the flight-course at the academy. At a recent meeting of the human resources staff, it was decided to promote Capt. Yifat to the role of a deputy commander at the squadron.


Today, women in the IAF are serving in a variety of operative positions as pilots, navigators, at the force’s various squadrons. As instructed by the Air force Commander, Maj. Gen. Shkedi, all positions at the force are open for women.

The IAF congratulates Captain Yifat in becoming the first female squadron deputy commander.