A Greener Air Force: Protecting the Environment A Greener Air Force: Protecting the Environment A Greener Air Force: Protecting the Environment In honor of International World Environment Day: Meet the IAF division whose purpose is to make the Air Force greener. Dozens of environmentally friendly solutions are already underway, scattered throughout bases around the country. And this is just the beginning

Michal Khayut

Yesterday may have been International World Environment Day, but the Air Force works on green projects 365 days a year. The “Green Unit” strives to reduce the damage to the environment caused by military operations. To do so, they work on a variety of environmentally friendly projects year round. For example, the Air Force will reduce its use of diesel and eventually replace it with electric technology. The project will make the force’s consumption more cost-effective, in terms of both fuel and money. “Most of the time, the Air Force operates on diesel, an expensive material that also damages the environment”, explained Captain Itamar Boganim, head of the “Green Unit”. “Changing the energy source will save approximately a million shekels in the future”.

Additionally, in the coming days, the lighting in a number of buildings in the force will begin to be powered by natural resources: The rooms will be lit by a pipe, in which there are little mirrors that increase the amount of sunlight. “Currently, we are checking whether the energy consumption decreases at the points at which we use natural lighting”, explained Captain Boganim. “When we see that we’re getting the necessary results, we will install the lighting in additional buildings in the force, saving us about two and a half million shekels, as we won’t be using electricity during the hours of the day.”