Terror attack on Israeli targets in Kenya

Two for terror attacks occur in the same time against Israelis in the popular vacation city of Mombassa, Kenya

First, two “Stella” anti-aircraft missiles are launched at Arkia passenger aircrafts headed towards Tel-Aviv from the local airport. The missiles hit and the aircraft continues on it’s path to Israel. When it approaches the Israeli airspace, the plane is escorted by IAF fighter jets.

Shortly afterwards, a car carrying explosives breaks through the gate of the “Paradise” hotel in the city, killing three Israelis and thirteen locals. the Al-Quiada organization claims responsebillty.

Four Hercules and two Boing-707 planes of the IAF embark to Kenya to retrieve the casualties.  The planes carried a delegation of medical assistance consisting of the medical corps and the rear corps as well as extensive medical equipment required to treat the injured.