A Moment before London: IAF Olympics

the IAF has its own Olympics Tomorrow, after four years, the Olympic torch will once again burn. The IAF too races to the top: Competitions like the ‘Triathlon’, ‘Euro league’ and of course the ‘Olympics’ are a significant part of the IAF’s glorious essence

Mai Efrat

Tomorrow, a festive ceremony will mark the opening of the 2012 London Olympics. Four years after the games ended in Beijing, the Olympic torch will burn once more, as thrive for glory begins amongst the various contestants.

On the contrary, the IAF will be preparing enthusiastically for other sorts of competitions. All IAF squadrons whether combat or cargo will be racing for the honor of becoming this year’s champions. Every Formation will enter the appropriate competition and the winner will be named ‘Best Squadron’. Care to know about a ‘Euro league’ without soccer, or a ‘Triathlon’ with inexperienced swimmers? You have reached the right place! Read further for a closer look at the unique IAF Olympics.

The Olympics
Competitors: Cargo Helicopters
Mission: Forget everything you know about the upcoming Olympics games. Try dealing with aviating in low altitude, landing accurately, rescuing an abandoned pilot from the center of ocean, or dodging missiles. Suddenly running a marathon doesn’t seem so bad.

A Moment before London: IAF Olympics

Competitors: Combat Helicopters
Mission: Just like an epilog in the end of a book, the final result is what counts in this competition. While racing to the top, missile threats’ aviated commando fighters and simulated enemy threats will be waiting for the combat helicopters. In some stages they will have to dodge and complete an ‘Alfa’: A precise hit at a target. There will be no excuses.

The Skewer
Competitors: Combat Airplanes
Mission: Just like a skewer imbedded in marshmallows, combat airplanes have to launch their missiles straight towards the target. Members of the Aerial Team have to complete the most accurate hits while dodging enemy aircrafts along with ground threats. In the end of the race, there’s only one winner: The best combat squadron!

A Moment before London: IAF Olympics

Competitors: Cargo Airplanes
Missions: A Triathlon competition which usually combines land and water get a whole new dimension: Air. Instead of running, the teams have to complete navigation challenges, instead of swimming they have to locate specific targets around the field, instead of a puncture in your tire- they will have to deal with simulated difficulties during flights.

Euro League
Competitors: UAVs
Mission: So there might not be a ball, a stadium or soccer shoes but be sure that here, just like in a real Euro League competition, tension couldn’t stay away. Fan voices might not reach the control cabins though it seems as if the conductors need the silence in order to concentrate and complete the missions successfully. They have to find missile launchers, locate terroristic units, and navigate ground forces to a certain goal. 

A Moment before London: IAF Olympics