A New IAF Headquarters Commander

Major General Nehoshtan , Major General Eshel and Brigadier General Topolansky A New IAF Headquarters Commander

Brigadier General Shefer A New IAF Headquarters Commander

Major General Ido Nehoshtan “Forces of attack and defense dwell within the IAF” A New IAF Headquarters Commander

New IAF Headquarters Commander Hagi Topolansky Brigadier General Hagi Topolansky who has operated for years as the leader of the IAF’s Aerial Squadron was appointed today, to be the Commander of the IAF Headquarters. “We are going through a very challenging phase”, says Brigadier General Topolansky. “We have to imply drive and creativity in order to continue and improve our abilities and superiority

Brigadier General Topolansky has entered his new job as the Commander of the IAF Headquarters, replacing Brigadier General Nimrod Shefer – the next Commander of the Planning Directorate. “On one hand the Middle East is going through a very rough patch. The tension is viral “, says Topolansky.” This situation acquires high operational tactics along with crucial challenges to the future IAF estate. On the other hand, our resource usage decisions will lead us into difficult dilemmas. We have to perpetuate determination and creativity for we can continue on advancing and upgrading the abilities of the IAF”.

Brigadier General Topolansky (47) recruited into the IAF’s elite Aviation Course in 1984, graduating as a combat pilot. He served at the “Flying Tiger” Squadron, preceded into F-16 Squadrons. Later on, he took part in the establishment of the “F-15I” Squadron and became Deputy Commander. Topolansky was also in charge of the “F-16 Knights of the North” Squadron. Eventually he operated as Head of IAF’s Planning and Organizing Division. Once he received his Brigadier General rank he began commanding “Hatzerim” Airbase where the “Flying Tiger” Squadron operates. This was very symbolic since that was where he began his military journey as a young combat pilot. In 2010 Topolansky was chosen to become head of the IAF’s Aerial Squadrons, and from now on will operate as the Commander of the IAF Headquarters, where he will be responsible for sculpturing the IAF force structure.

Forces of Attack & Defense Dwell Within the IAF
Commander of the IAF, Major General Ido Nehoshtan, has referred to the complicated combination of the Headquarter Division, which includes the utilization of the present abilities along with future long term planning. “Reminisce the past few days and observe how the outcomes of the different procedures boost the defense of Israel and its citizens. Correct maneuvering of the IAF’s force has given us the ability to attack in a very precise and powerful way. We now withhold the new ability of defending our country from missiles and rockets. In conclusion – forces of attack and defense dwell within the IAF”.

The Commander of the IAF thanked the previous Commander of the IAF’s Headquarters, Brigadier General Nimrod Shefer, for the past two years. “You know how to operate as my right hand man in a way any commander could only wish for.”

As said, Brigadier General Shefer is destined to be appointed as the Head of planning directorate of the IAF headquarters. “The people who operate within the Headquarters see the IAF for what it truly is, and know exactly how to deal with anything that comes in their way”, concluded Brigadier General Shefer. “We might not construct with our bare hands but we are complete partners, who take part in any decision. The past few days can prove that were heading towards challenging days.”