A New Year A New Year A New Year A New Year Events celebrating the arrival of the New Jewish Year will already begin today in the Israeli Air Force. Rank awards, excellence ceremonies and numerous toasts will be conducted in various airbases and at the Air Force House

The New Year celebrations will begin today when Commander of the IAF, Major General Ido Nehushtan, will award over 30 officers a diploma of excellence. The recipients, who hail from all airbases of the Force, were chosen among many for their actions and functioning in various roles. Nearly 20 non-commissioned officers will receive the Chief Warrant Officer rank and over 20 Majors in regular service and reserve duty will receive the Lieutenant Colonel rank.

The IAF currently has 600 “Lone soldiers” serving, 150 of which will arrive today accompanied by their commanders and Personal Affairs staff to the Air Force House and raise a glass with the Commander of the Force.

Zach, who came to Israel from the United States and serves in the 669 Search & Rescue Unit, will toast as a representative of the lone soldiers. Zach, 24, currently lives in Jerusalem.

“I enlisted in the IDF because I couldn’t live my comfortable American life knowing that Israelis my age are fighting for the existence of the Jewish people”, said Zach in his toast. “The fact that we, here in the IDF, are raising a glass for lone soldiers over 60 years after the founding of Israel, is both powerful and indicative of the army’s purpose as a shield for the Jewish people”.

May the coming year be of security and peace.

A New Year