After covert investigation during which collected evidence arrested the suspect, who praised bombers, called themselves trorachokri and attacks from the questioning of the main unit of the Jerusalem police arrested a lawyer and resident of Beit Hanina in suspicion of sedition on social networks, in cooperation with the District Attorney’s Office
And with the approval of the State Attorney’s Office.

Go undercover investigation that lasted several months, during which the investigators operated poll
ימ”ר Jerusalem the intelligence level, and investigative technology to gather information and evidence.
Systematically, which revealed and established the suspicion of committing the offense. After the covert investigation, opened an investigation that led to the apparent arrest of the suspect.

The findings of the investigation indicates that the suspect as a 40 year-old resident of Beit Hanina, spread throughout
Months using his Facebook page pictures, words and propaganda publications that incite hatred and suspicion of encouraging terrorist bombing attacks, terrorist attacks, praised by readers and to perpetuate the memory of the terrorists were killed by security forces. These publications led to many responses from thousands of followers on Facebook of the suspect which
Strengthened his sayings, expressed support and drag the posts for his followers.

This investigation joins another investigation that took place during the last month by myth
A special role in Jerusalem who against two young residents of East Jerusalem on suspicion of sedition.
When speaking in week Jerusalem Attorney indicted for sedition.
After consulting with the State Prosecutor’s Office and the material evidence in the case, the suspect was brought before
The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court released in limited conditions.
The investigation is ongoing.

Jerusalem police will continue to act with determination and professionalism for all who are involved in sedition.
That encourages attacks and attacks on innocent lives and, together with the State Attorney’s Office will work to realize the full extent of
With the law for public security.

Translated from Hebrew