A visit from Holland A visit from Holland The Royal Netherlands Air Force Commander, General Jac Jansen, completed a three day visit at the Israeli Air Force. General Jansen, an F-16 pilot by training, served in his previous roles as an Airbase commander, and as NATO’s Air Component Command Chief of Staff

Michal Wisebrod | Translated by: Nikolai Avrutov

It was the first visit to Israel of General Jansen since assuming the Commander of the Royal air force. The purpose of the visit was the furthering of collaboration between the Dutch and Israeli air forces.

Upon arriving to Israel, the General first met with the Dutch Ambassador to Israel, followed by a tour at the Palmahim air base, and of its “First UAV” squadron, and “Protecting Sword” Arrow battery.

The visit proceeded with a special parade of flight academy cadets, in honour of the guest, headed by the IAF commander, Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan. At the end of the special ceremony, the two Generals exchanged symbolic gifts: Maj.Gen. Nehushtan awarded the guest with silver wings-protector, and in return, Gen. Jansen offered a Sword.

Later, Gen. Jansen took part in a discussion panel, attended by senior IAF officials. The panel discussed burning issues the force is handling these days.
On his last day, Gen. Jansen visited “Yad Vashem” – The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance museum.
General Jansen sealed his visit at the Ramon air base, where he was briefed on the base’s activities and future plans.