A Winning Combination

“The officers with accompany divisions in training and in operations” A Winning Combination

“Deep commitment to assisting aerial forces with ground issues” Here come the first graduates of the Aerial-Ground Cooperation Center. 20 officers will join IAF officers of Aerial Reinforcement Unit, which are deployed in various stations across the country. Together they will accompany the infantry corps throughout training sessions and operational missions

Yuval Tsuk

The cooperation center has taken its first leap, as 20 IDF officers have been qualified to operate as assistant vice officers to the Aerial Reinforcement Unit. Officers with a First Lieutenant rank or Lieutenant Colonel in reserve duty will return to their assigned brigade and will assist alongside the IAF.

During the course, the IDF officers got a closer look at the IAF: rescues of combat helicopters from the battlefield, UAV formations who record operational activities from way up above and combat airplanes assisting ground forces during battles. They discussed the different dilemmas that arise between the forces, military-language gaps and ways to work through them in order to get to the right solutions.

“From ground fighters and infantry warriors, you have become people of the IAF, the people of the reinforcement unit” said Lieutenant Colonel Ori Hagay, Commander of the Instruction and Cooperation Center, to the graduates. “From now on it’s your responsibility to maximize infantry use of the aerial forces”.

Deep Commitment

“Each one of us brings his world, or understanding to the struggle–blue and green will give you victory”, said Colonel Yaron, commander of the Cooperation Unit.

Brigadier General David Barkay, commander of the helicopter formation which works beneath the cooperation unit, could not contain his enthusiasm about the recruitment of senior officers. “During these times, it’s not such a trivial thing to see you attending a reserve duty course. We have deep commitment between the aerial reinforcement unit and the ground forces. When you join the cooperation unit you have to make sure to implement aerial-ground comprehension during emergencies”.