Aerial Assistance with Jerusalem Fire

All extinguishing aircrafts took off to assist with the efforts Aerial Assistance with Jerusalem Fire

The Aerial Firefighting Unit over Jerusalem The entire formation of the Aerial Firefighting Unit took off in order to assist with putting out a blazing fire that started next to Jerusalem around the area of Motzha and Maale Hamisha. Alongside the ground Firefighting Forces, they worked around the clock in order to put out the fire

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Hundreds of fires broke out around Jerusalem throughout the last month. Yesterday, around noon, another occurrence entered the unfortunate list. A fire began near the Motzha settlement and the Maale Hamisha Kibbutz. More than 35 ground Firefighting Units arrived at the scene, assisted by aerial firefighting airplanes that poured liters of water on the burning targets. Within the hour, the cooperation of the forces proved essential and they were able to gain control over the fire.

“We dealt with a medium sized fire with had to potential of turning into a very massive one”, explained the Beit Shemesh firefighting and rescue spokesman, First Sergeant Shmulik Amsalem. “Tens of grove and natural forests dunes were burned to the ground. We learned our lessons after the fire in Mount Carmel and that’s why we responded with many firefighting trucks and included the Aerial Firefighting Unit.”

As summer nears, the Aerial Firefighting Unit is preparing for an increase in their number of missions. Recently, the unit has been preparing for different scenarios in various locations around the country. “I have no doubt that the trainings have improved the unit’s operational abilities”, said commander of the unit, Lieutenant Colonel Rami. Only three months ago, the unit conducted an extensive exercise in Jerusalem, where they flew over four burning targets near Hadassa Medical Center and the Sapir Settlement. A group of frontal commanders was stationed at the Sataf area and mediated among the firefighting and rescue units, the police and the Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority.