Aerial Fighters Give Back

“There are people who need the structure we provide” Aerial Fighters Give Back

The Aerial Defense Academy. AD Soldiers at the Western Wall Aerial Fighters Give Back

Soldiers of the Aerial Defense Formation This year, the Aerial Defense Academy is promoting a joint project with “Teen Passage”. The two will work together with one goal in mind–helping teens have a meaningful army experience

Shir Bram

The Aerial Defense Academy, located in Tlalim, is promoting a project in which commanders from the airbase will meet with at-risk teens from 13 southern cities in Israel. All participants will go through a unique process which could eventually encourage them to enlist in the IDF and serve their country in the best possible way.

The project will continue throughout 2012 and will include three official meetings of the Aerial Defense Academy and various regional councils, along with many meetings of the commanders with the teens. “The whole purpose of this project is to help this part of society enlist in the IDF. The participants are usually a part of struggling, immigrant families”, says Major Tomer Serolovitch, who operates as head of a guidance group at one of the cities involved. Major Serolovitch adds that even though the project is led by the Aerial Defense Academy, it is relevant to potential IDF recruits as well.

The teens participating will attend a number of important events regarding Aerial Defense, such as the ceremonious graduation of the “Pilot Training Course”. The participants will arrive at these events so that they become aware of the IDF and perhaps identify with its activities and actions. “We concentrate on subjects such as military and society, Israeli dilemmas and the social matters relevant to the country”, says the coordinator in charge of the project, Major Or Binyamini. “The IDF could be a watershed experience for many people. There are people who need the structure we provide”, adds Major Binyamini.

The project continues the trend of excellence at the Aerial Defense Academy, which recently won second place of the instructional IAF airbases and where the ‘Exceptional Physical Trainer of the IDF’ gained her skills.