Aerial Firefighting Unit Aerial Firefighting Unit A plan to establish a firefighting unit is well on its way. There’s already a commander appointed for the unit and a tender for the operation and supplies of firefighting aircraft

After the Government of Israel obligated the IAF to form aerial firefighting capabilities, it was decided that the first phase will be based on outsourcing the operation of the firefighting aircraft to a civilian company in order to meet the timetable and deadlines set by the Government of Israel.

The commander of the unit will be responsible for the establishment of the unit and the implementation of its capabilities. The purpose of the unit will be command, planning, and mission control in firefighting missions in the State of Israel and the execution under the control of the IAF.
An emphasis will be put on the foundation of the written approval of aerial firefighting and beginning a variety of areas such as on-alert and coordination procedures to cooperation with foreign air forces and civilian firefighting forces.

Bidding for the tender for the operation and supply of the civilian aerial firefighting aircraft are “Elbit” Systems in cooperation with “Kim-Nir” of Herzliya.