Aerial Journey to an Old Dream Aerial Journey to an Old Dream Aerial Journey to an Old Dream

Armed with cameras and an airplane, Moshe Porat decided to make his dream come true Physician and private pilot, Dr. Moshe Porat, had a dream and decided to make it come true. To this end, he armed himself with cameras, an airplane, and friends who, like him, also dreamt of flying to Oshkosh, one of the biggest aviation events in the world. You can read for yourself the whole story right here

Dr. Moshe Porat

“Oshkosh, Wisconsin” is known for the brand of jeans that carry this name. But for pilots and aviation enthusiasts, it is a place where the biggest event in the world of aviation takes place, an event that provides plenty of performances and thrills alongside the participation of a variety of aircrafts.

The first event was held in September of 1953 in Milwaukee. In 1969, it was moved to Oshkosh. Every year, around 10,000 aircrafts from different states in the U.S. and abroad take part in the event. Approximately half a million visitors arrive every year to walk around and look at the planes and the booths. The crowds mostly consist of amateurs, but there also official representatives of countries and airline companies from around the world.

I have been to the aviation event in Oshkosh twice, and just as before, it is a journey that requires meticulous preparation of route, accurate calculations of the weight of the passengers and their equipment in the airplane, and when it comes to the pilots who are also amateur photographers who intend to document the flight to the event and the event itself there is a lot of equipment.

The current delegation in which I took part numbered 18 aviation “freaks” who teamed up and divided into six different models of the Cessna plane. After the introductory meeting, a detailed briefing and flight route memorization from our starting point in Manassas, Virginia, we decided on the partners for the flight and I chose the Cessna 182. Such a plane comfortably accommodated us, the large amount of camera equipment we carried, and the modern avionics that allowed us to be exposed and to practice “flight management” by using autopilot, a relatively new experience for the teams taking part in the journey.

The Dayton Airport in Ohio was chosen as the landing site for the first pit stop. It is here that the U.S. Air Force Museum is located. The museum, in which much thought and research was invested, demonstrates and presents in great detail the aerial power of the U.S. Air Force and its history. Planes from the previous century, planes that took part in both world wars, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War and, of course, planes in the forefront of modern day aviation can be seen.

Excitement in the Sky
An aerial corridor shaped like funnel drained the dense air traffic for the landing. Six of the planes in our aerial formation passed over Lake Michigan, the Chicago skyline unfolded to our left, and the clear weather allowed for observation and great photos.

We approached the final stretch, the excitement rose and I felt the adrenaline rushing with vigor towards the fulfillment of my dream that was planned during my first visit here: to land the Cessna in Oshkosh. The sight of hundreds of planes landing, neatly spread out on the lawn was simply amazing. We landed on the great dot that set the touchdown point in the center of the runway.

Aerobatic performances were constantly held above our heads. One in particular that was interesting and impressive was the “Birds of War”, which fascinated me with its abilities. They finished with a joint flyover of the “Mitchell Mustang” bomber and Japanese “Zero”, which sped across a historically low altitude in front of the mesmerized crowd.

After three fascinating days, we took off from Oshkosh. We waited a long time for the takeoff of the historic “Vultures” that provoked a sense of traveling back in time to the airports of World War II.

The rally almost came to an end and the physical and mental efforts were worthwhile. We landed in the Lisborg airport, satisfied and ready for the grand finale party at a good Italian restaurant where everyone talked about what he took away from the trip; for most of us, a dream had come true.