Aid for Japan Aid for Japan Aid for Japan Saturday night, IAF planes flew the Israeli aid delegation to Japan. Two Boeing airplanes loaded with equipment and medical teams took off from the Nevatim Air Force Base, landing in Tokyo just a few hours ago

Upon arrival, the delegation left for the city of Kurihara in the Miyagi province, the region hit hardest by the tsunami disaster.
The two planes from the “Desert Giants” squadron carried a team which included 50 officers, amongst which were medical, logistics, and teleprocessing teams as well as teams from the search and rescue unit of the Home Front Command.

Additionally, the planes transported medical equipment such as oxygen tanks, medicine and hospital beds along with thousands of pairs of gloves, blankets and coats.
There were also representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japanese language interpreters and atomic energy experts.

The delegation was headed by Brigadier General Shalom Ben-Aryeh, a former commander of the Home Front Command and commanded a number of rescue missions.

The various teams will begin assisting upon arrival to the disaster area, with the medical teams currently setting up a medical center which will include teams of physicians, nurses and additional staff, all giving residents of the area advanced medical aid