Airports Around the World

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Airports Around the World

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Airports Around the World Airports Around the World

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Airports Around the World


An orchid garden, the largest tensile structure in the world, an artificial island, and an ancient Korean temple hide among the different airports of the world. IAF Site gives you an overview of airports that are an attraction unto themselves

David Greenwald

Year round, airports across Europe, Asia, America, and Africa host a large number of curious tourists wishing to visit tourist sites, both famous and less so, in different cities. But beyond the soccer and beaches of Brazil, the high peaks of Nepal and Da Vinci’s paintings in Italy, there are a number of airports that are attractions unto themselves. IAF Site takes a look at the airports that are worth visiting year round.

Changi, Singapore: Butterflies, Orchids, And An Indoor Slide
A spectacular butterfly garden, a sunflower garden, an orchid garden, and a cactus garden all join an indoor slide that reaches a height of 12 meters, a multimedia center, a movie theatre, and a spa with fish ponds- and they are all just part of the special attraction that is Changi, the central airport in Singapore. In 2014, Changi was named best airport in the world for a second year in a row, and for good reason: the interior design and architecture were designed to turn the place into a memory that no tourist would forget. Changi was opened in 1981, and since then it has won more prizes that any other airport in the world. Approximately, 66 million passengers who pass through the airport every year enjoy the breath-taking experience.

Denver, Colorado: The Largest Tensile Structure In the World
What at first glance looks like a military base is actually an international airport in Denver, Colorado that is considered one of the busiest in the world and the second busiest in the U.S. At the airport, which is located in the Southwest, guests are greeted by blue “Devil Horse”, an incredible statue, which climbs to a height of 32 meters, in the shape of a horse with glowing red eyes. But aside from its huge size, the airport is famous for its pointed towers shaped like Native American teepees, which make the structure the biggest tensile structure in the world. The famous roof, which includes 35 tents and has become one of the symbols of the city, is surrounded in the background by the snowy Rocky Mountains, from which inspiration was also drawn. The structure is environmentally-friendly and takes advantage of the solar energy in winter and summer for tis many uses.

Barajas, Madrid: Hypnotic Steel Columns
One of the most famous points of entrance into Spain is Barajas, Madrid’s airport. Barajas opened its gates as early as 1931, but only gained fame eight years ago when Terminal 4 was inaugurated, which was the work of the award-winning British architect, Richard Rogers, the main designer of Pompidou Centre in Paris. The terminal, which was built between 1997-2006 holds a seemingly endless line of bamboo ceiling reinforces by steel columns, shaped as a symbol of victory. The hypnotic green-and-yellow colors that combine with natural light coming in from the windows of the ceiling go on for a kilometer and won the terminal the International Architecture Award.

Kansai, Osaka: Landing On An Artificial Island
The international airport, which lies at the bottom of the city, Osaka, Japan, was built in 1994 on a huge artificial island and is considered one of the most complex engineering projects ever undertaken. The floating airport is supported by more than a million columns and its roof is made of a collection of arches of different radii, which allows for the flow of adjusted air for the needs of the special structure and protects it from inclement weather that frequently visits the region. Kansai is connected to dry land through the Sky Gate Bridge, which reaches a length of 3,750 meters.

Incheon, Seoul: Ancient Korean Temple
In South Korea sits the airport Incheon, which since its opening in 2011 has won the title of Best Airport in the category of Traveling Experience. Aside from the quick service the passengers who visit Incheon enjoy, the memorable experience is thanks largely in part to the local culture, which is reflected in every corner of the airport. Traditional Korean building inspired the building of Incheon, its arched roof is reminiscent of ancient Korean temples and artifacts over 5,000 years old are displayed throughout the corridors of the airport.