American Secretary of Defense In Israel American Secretary of Defense In Israel American Secretary of Defense In Israel The American Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, landed in Israel and arrived at an “Iron Dome” battery. “Ever since Iron Dome was stationed, it saved many lives”

Shir Aharon Bram

Yesterday, the American Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, landed in Israel. During his visit he will be meeting with senior officials of the national security office, where they will be discussing Israel’s national security issues and the regional stability situation.

Today, Panetta arrived at an Iron Dome battery located down south, only a few days after the President of the United States confirmed the American support in establishing additional batteries of the Iron Dome system. “We are friends, we are partners, we have, as the defence minister has pointed out, probably the strongest U.S.-Israel defence relationship that we have had in history. What we are doing, working together, is an indication not only of our friendship but of our alliance to work together to try to preserve peace in the future”.

On Our Side
The American Secretary of Defense got the chance to visit the control caravan, where the fighters of aerial defense intersect rockets aimed at Israel. Commander of the IAF Brigadier General, Amir Eshel briefed Panetta alongside Commander of Aerial Defense Formation Doron Gavish. Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, thanked Panetta for the American support and emphasized the mutual commitment of the two countries.”I would like to thank the American Government for their assistance in advancing the ‘Iron Dome’ project which stands as the greatest achievement of the Israeli industries and as an operational achievement for the IAF and the Aerial Defense Formation”, said Barak.

“The Iron Dome Battery behind me is an example for our commitment”, said Panetta. “Last March there were 12 missile attacks in this area, and the battery managed to intersect them all successfully”.