The officers spotted a terrorist track. When he was arrested to test drew a bomber tried to attack a policeman and stabbed noterlpigo successfully thwarted and no casualties today (Saturday) at IDF square
In Jerusalem. A preliminary investigation of the bomber can understand that avoids stabbing against
Innocent people and security forces.

The investigation revealed that the terrorist event,
26 East Jerusalem stood at Jaffa Gate and saw a pair of praying began to follow.
Two riders who were on security instead.
Noticed the bomber triggered his suspicion and followed him to the fourth square there went towards the target.
Take a look at it.

The policeman gave the suspect’s identity and put his hand in my Pocket
Inside his coat and pulled a knife. The officers retreated to the back and ordered bomber to drop the knife but
He moved toward the policeman with a knife wielded. The officer fired one time bomber. He fell
Down but rose toward the policeman then shot again. The cops

Jerusalem District Commander, major General Moshe (Chico) arderi, praised the police operation
And he said the alertness and vigilance of the officers operations along with rapid response and prevented injury professional
And certainly prevented a terror attack and harm innocent lives. We continue to expand operational readiness
In Jerusalem, in order to maintain public safety and many visitors.

Translated from Hebrew