Ground forces of the IDF, backed by fighter helicopters, prevented an attempted terror attack and kidnapping near Kibbutz Nahal-Oz on the border with Gaza strip

Yuval Shoham


 The event occurred in the early morning hours, when an infantry force identified terrorists approaching the “Karni” crossing at the north-eastern part of Gaza strip. The suspects opened fire towards an Israeli patrol, prompting the soldiers to return fire, and killing four terrorists. Helicopters of the “Cobra” Squadron participated at the incident.

 “The helicopters were deployed just before 07:00 to back our forces”, reports deputy commander of the squadron, Major Tal. “The helicopters shelled the area where the terrorists were, and we are currently investigating the outcome”.

IDF estimated that the group of terrorists numbered ten people. As a result of the attempted terrorist attack, “Karni” crossing was closed, along with the nearby gas-terminal.