An Idea to Change the World

One of Lockheed Martin’s greatest creations: F-22


If you have been blessed with the creative gene and are able to create new advancements to better the world, “Lockheed Martin” is looking for you! In the Next few days, the company is hosting a worldwide competition. What are you waiting for? Let your imagination wild

Tal Michael

An idea starts with something small, worthless and meaningless, slowly evolving and expanding – in the right place and the right time.

These crazy ideas are exactly what “Lockheed Martin” has been based on for 100 years. It began in a little step: Glen L. Martin build his first plane in an abandoned church that he rented in Los Angeles. Concurrently, the Malcolm brothers and Allen Lockheed tested their luck, and opened a company for consulting technical solutions. In a few years, the 400 kilometers that parted them were minimized and both companies became one large corporate that manufactures stealth planes, spaceship parts, and UAVs. One of Lockheed Martin’s most well-known projects is the “F-35”, the IAF’s future combat plane.

Thinking Ahead

In honor of the 100 year celebration, Lockheed is offering the people of the world to join a unique competition that comes bearing prizes. If you have ideas about energy, information security and health this is your opportunity to break through and help create a better future. “One thing we learned from the past–good ideas can reach anywhere”, said Dr. Ray Johnson, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the company. “Using competition we are creating an environment that will help people from different backgrounds and places to make their ideas a reality”.

In honor of the competition, the company has created a website to where contestants can send their ideas. Visitors to the website can observe the various ideas and vote for their favorite one until the competition ends. The lucky winner will receive a $25,000 prize and a development contract at the Maryland Institute for Technology in order to implement their idea in the real world.