An Inside Look at the IDF’s Unique Medical Technology in Nepal

As part of the IDF (Zahal)’s humanitarian mission to Nepal, a field hospital is being built near Kathmandu. In the next few hours, people affected by the earthquake will begin receiving the same treatment as offered in the most high-tech medical facility in Israel. Here’s an inside look at the advanced technology that will assist the medical teams on the ground.

The 260-member team includes 40 medical personnel on a mission to save lives. One of their priorities is to set up a field hospital near Kathmandu. “The team brought the most recent technology possible,” explains Lt. Col. Asi Hempel, a doctor in the IDF (Zahal)’s Medical Corps. “The field hospital will be equipped with everything: x-rays, operating rooms that will work 24/7, laboratories and more.”

An Inside Look at the IDF’s Unique Medical Technology in Nepal

IDF (Zahal) doctor treats a patient in the field hospital after Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines

The hospital will have the ability to receive and provide care for around 200 patients a day. “Israel’s top specialists for traumatic injuries are among the medical team in Nepal,” says Lt. Col. Hempel.

The IDF (Zahal) has gained much experience from past humanitarian missions, and as a result has developed unique technology for its field hospital. “We pioneered a state-of-the-art system with the IDF (Zahal)’s C4I Branch, that allows us to create an internal digital medical file for every patient.”

“The process is very simple,” states Lt. Col. Hempel. “Each patient who arrives at the field hospital is greeted by a medical assistant who takes his picture and gives him a unique barcode. This barcode is scanned at every station the patient goes through, allowing the doctor to access any and all medical information and treatments the patient receives. This system allows us to ensure that no station in the hospital is overwhelmed with patients. Quality treatment is a priority.”

The IDF (Zahal) is committed to helping all those in need, and our medical team in Nepal will do its utmost to provide high-quality medical care to earthquake victims.