“Around the “Globus

Undergoing significant changes The cockpit of the Hercules C-130 (“Karnaf” Hebrew for Rhino) is undergoing significant changes with the addition of the new “Globus” system

Shani Pomes | Translation: Liran Ackerman

“Globus” is an advanced mission-preparation, navigation and control system designed for the Transport Division of the IAF. Until now, the system was only located in the weapon systems officer’s position in the Hercules C-130 (“Karnaf”).

The system will be displayed on advanced synchronized monitors in the cockpit, notifying each member of the aircrew of every update. “Beyond the technological advancements, there will be a significant change in our flight method in the cockpit and the team work”, states Major Adar, Commander of the Weapons Systems Officer Division in the “Yellow Bird” squadron. “The ability to look at the moving map on the ‘Globus’ system while looking outside through the windows of the aircraft increases the spatial awareness of the pilots”.

Until now, any changes or deviations in the flight path were conveyed orally by the weapon systems officer. “The fact that the pilots will be able to see the changes in real time on the monitors simplifies the communication and prevents misunderstandings”. This change is of important operational value. “This change gives us certain operational capabilities; for example, better communication between the control tower and the plane”.

The “Yellow Bird” squadron is in the process of integrating more “Globus” monitors and the pilots of the Hercules C-130, who hitherto had not ever operated the system, have learned its secrets in a short session held for the first time at the Center for Heavy Transport Instruction on base. “The addition of the ‘Globus’ monitors to the cockpit is actually the preliminary stage before the project of upgrading the Hercules C-130”, says Major Adar. “As part of this project, more digital monitors will be added to the frontal panel of the plane, as well as other improvements, which will make the plane more technologically advanced “.