According to the suspect, the suspect worked as a vet ordered the attacks on rival business background. Oarchaium detention (Thursday) was a veterinarian about 50 from Yehuda Roslindale ordered monetary fee physical injury in VET presumably competes against the backdrop of business rivalry.

25.11.15 date after midnight, a man the victim reported him about a wounded dog in an old soccer field in Beit Shemesh and asked him to come and take care of him. We vet victim arrived immediately and met a man who asked him to accompany him into the soccer field in order to show his wounded dog. In the football hold masked men attacked the vet violently, injuring him and causing him to fractures and bruises on his arm and ribs, and then fled. The victim managed to call for help and police officers who arrived at the scene they encountered. He was evacuated for treatment in a hospital there was hospitalized for over a week.

During the assault, the attackers from it in the background of experimentation and called him “murderer calls such as apes and left at the scene of the” anonymous Eagles animals. ” The police opened an investigation and the hardware from the District Commander investigating the incident on the main unit. Many interrogation operations were carried out alongside intelligence activity and soon arrested, a man of about 40. The investigation lasted four suspects have been arrested and others, including a suspect who tried to leave the country and was arrested at Ben Gurion Airport.

The investigation raises the suspicion that the attack for money and ordered the investigation focused on an attempt to reach the customer motivation, and attack. Intensive investigation carried out operations led to another suspect that none is a vet in the area, headquarters about suspicion that business rivalry with the victim, I inherited my father’s practice opening the vet two years ago allegedly struck the suspect.

Last night police came to the home of the suspect to the detention and search of his home.
The suspect, who was with his son outside the House immediately after the officers identified themselves and asked to search his house, tried to escape from them into the House and suspicion that attempts to suppress evidence. The policemen took him and his son started to attack the police using tear gas, stopped. The suspect was arrested on his way to an investigation that is unwell and was taken to a medical examination in hospital. With the release today and brought before the Court with a request to extend his detention. The investigation is ongoing.

Translated from Hebrew