Arrow Missiles to Undergo Major Overhaul Arrow Missiles to Undergo Major Overhaul Arrow Missiles to Undergo Major Overhaul The “Arrow” system, which is responsible for defending Israel from long-range ballistic missiles, is expected to undergo a series of improvements in 2013: An advanced radar system, a new center for interception management and capability of wider ranges of interception. “The variety of threats we’ll be able to deal with will expand”

Shir Aharon Bram

The “Arrow” weapon system, which was designed to protect against far-range ballistic missiles, continues to evolve. A new version of the missile system–“Block 4.1”, which will include a new center for interception management, armored launchers with high shooting availability, better communication with other missile systems and wider ranges of interceptions–is expected in the coming year. “The variety of targets and threats that the system can tackle will expand”, explains Major Roi Pladshaw, Head of the “Arrow” Division of the “Armor” Administration which is responsible for the development of weapons in the Aerial Defense Formation. “We will be able to intercept targets in farther ranges and also in lower altitudes”.

As a part of the upgrade, a new center for interception management with improved capabilities–additional administrative positions, technical and operational upgrades and a connection to the new radar “Super Green Pine”–will be founded. “We’re talking about an incredibly advanced missile-defense radar”, says Major Pladshaw. “Its detection capabilities are twice as exact as the ones of the current radar, “Green Pine”. In the “Arrow” system we don’t put munitions out of use but add new ones. In parallel to the “Super Green Pine”, “Green Pine” radars will continue to be active, and that’s how we have an immense improvement in our detection rates”.

Soon: Operational Interception Trials

Additionally, as a part of the series of upgrades, permanent “Arrow” batteries will be based at an IAF airbase. Connectivity and data sharing with other aerial defense systems will also be improved: The upgrade will allow optimal coordination with the “David’s Sling” system against mid-range missiles, which is expected to become operational in the coming years.
And what else does the future have in store for the Arrow Unit? “We’re planning many more experiments”, reveals Major Pladshaw. “We’re in maximal cooperation with the “Wall” Administration of the Ministry of Defense, the security industries and American government officials, and are planning operational interception trials and even experiments of the ‘Arrow 3′”.