Attack Around the Clock Attack Around the Clock Attack Around the Clock IAF’s combat squadrons met for a joint training exercise in which they simulated attacking dozens of targets in short periods of time. The highest pressure felt inside the aircrafts hangars, where the technical crews armed the fighter jets again and again

Shir Cohen & David Greenwald | Translation: Eden Sharon

The extensive training exercise of the combat squadrons was very eventful: Five sorties for each aircrew member, intensive arming around the clock and attacking hundreds of targets.
During the training exercise, the IAF squadrons from north to south also simulated intense “Dogfights”.
“This is the first air force-wide exercise which simulates intensive and extended attacking exercise for all airbases”, explains Major Daniel, the exercise manager from the “Negev” squadron.
In the past year, the IAF focuses on strengthening the force’s ability to attack multiple targets in short time and a designated team was established for that exact goal.
The team, led by the “Negev” squadron, joined by others from different squadrons, technical division and IAF headquarters.
“After our team work, we went to the field to test our progress”, adds Major Daniel. “We simulate rapid attacks on many targets and practice aircrafts aerial control during battle. In addition, we implement new regulations for the technical division and the squadrons and draw operational conclusions for the future”.
The training exercise created a tense atmosphere in the aircrafts hangars: the ground crews work nights and days to make sure the jet fighters take off ready for their missions.