Back On Track

“This is a conceptual change, not a temporary project” The IAF has begun adjusting its runways to International standards. The project will result in increasing the levels of uniformity and safety in all IAF airbases

Nadav Berger & Shani Poms | Translation: Liran Ackerman

The IAF is adopting the international standards for civilian airports; the purpose of this upgrade is to secure the levels of safety and uniformity of the runways and over the past year the IAF has been busy adjusting them to the new standards.

As part of the vast project, various modifications are being made: Renewing the asphalt and road-marking, placing new signposts around the runways, improving the lighting systems and examining the functionality of the HAS (Hardened Aircraft Shelters) the access roads to the runways and control towers.

These changes will increase the general level of safety of the IAF flight infrastructure and create a safe environment for any scenario.
“From our point of view, the airports in the IAF airbases are very unique and their runways are of immense importance”, says Lieutenant Colonel Michal, Head of Civil Engineering Branch in the Materiel Division. “The runways are surrounded by ammunition stores, factories, high-profile buildings and offices and the units in the vicinity have to be even more concerned about safety”.

Major Assaf Jerafi, Head of Runway Department in the Division, adds: “This is a conceptual change, not a temporary project, because we would have to preserve maintenance and make sure everything is in accordance with the changes that have been made”.