“Barak 2020” Takes Off A ceremony took place at Hatzor IAF base to mark the decision to start upgrading all Barak (F-16C/D) planes to Barak 2020

By May Efrat

At the Hatzor IAF base, the advancement of the ‘Barak 2020′ project was announced that will upgrade the aviation system of the Barak plane to the advanced system of the Sufa (F-16I).
After the first prototypes of the upgraded planes passed initial inspections, it was decided to begin to convert all of the Barak planes to ‘Barak 2020′.

Following the decision, a ceremony took place under the leadership of the head of equipment unit, Brig. Gen. Ron Levy, head of the planes division, Col. Chaim Cohen, and Commander of the Hatzor IAF base, Col. Ori.

After the ribbon cutting, attendees toasted the conversion in the warehouse where the conversion of the Barak will take place.

“This is a massive and deep integration between the brains of the system of the ‘Sufa’ and the ‘Barak’ system. We’ve added to the Barak planes advanced features and a technological base like the most advanced system of the ‘Sufa’”, explained Major Gil, head of the F-16 department. “This project will enable us to fly the Barak aircraft in 2020 and beyond.”