Be Healthy Be Healthy A month dedicated to health and fitness will commence next week at the IAF. Its purpose: to raise the awareness on the importance of health and fitness amongst soldiers and officers. The Air Force remains fit all year long, and the awareness levels are at constant growth

Itay Itamar

It’s the “post-holiday” time in Israel. Following a month of celebrations (“Rosh ha-shana” – Jewish new year, and “Sukkot” – one of the three Jewish pilgrimage holidays), great feasts, and lots of relaxation, now is the time to stretch those muscles, and start working on all of that “holiday weight”.
For this purpose, the IDF thought up the awareness month, which will open with and IDF commander’s championship.
During the month, several activities will take place with the goal of raising health awareness, and educate on the importance of physical exercise. The educational activities will focus on developing the correct daily routine both mentally as well as physically.
The Air Force remains fit and proves it time after time. Only recently, the Air Force basketball team won the IDF’s championship. Not only but also, the Air Force Commander, Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan won the champion’s title scoring 12 points in a minute and a half. Three weeks earlier, during a day of sport games, air-force participants demonstrated exceptional abilities.
“The sport culture is very typical of the air force”, says Lieut. Col. Zvika Peleg, head of the fitness training at the force. “The competitive nature of sports drives the force to maintain its fitness as well as forging a “team spirit” amongst its soldiers”.