At the end of the task bar officers and detained 32 shield project volunteers high school in aimorimatra for publishing covert activity because at the end of Beer Sheva station youth and garden project volunteers arrested 32 teenagers in Be’er Sheva on suspicion of gambling at school during the school year. When they seized cash, ז׳יטונים and cards. After questioning, they were released and taken to follow up the service-side niatit activity test performed at school to pupils and parents.

During the last five months was carried out covert activities of the youth Squad of Beer Sheva station together with project volunteers led garden רס״ב riaach af’s and major Oleg Rosental in one of the high schools in Beersheba. After suspicion that students are there gambling games using cash, cards and m.

During the past week arrested 32 students from grades 7-12 and taken for interrogation in the unit. During the interrogation they tied themselves to their privileged at the end were released and transported to follow-up a test service for youth. At the same time was advocacy and prevention activities for youth researchers in the school to students and parents regarding gambling and the dangers of gambling.

Beer Sheva station investigation officer, Doron רפ״ק Aloni, noted that awareness of the dangers of gambling among teens and their parents here in part and that the invested resources in prevention activities including explanations about the accompanying gambling addiction, economic background of indiscretions and more.

He noted that students who volunteer in the garden project, the municipality of Be’er Sheva and Ben Gurion University, work together with youth researchers and pchani Beer Sheva station to enforcement and prevention of criminal activity among the youth

Translated from Hebrew