Biological Hazards

Receiving “Injured” Soldiers Biological Hazards

The “Ramat-David” Medical Clinic Biological Hazards

A biological attack exercise at “Ramat-David” “Ramat-David” Airbase was a significant component of the “Orange Blade” exercise of the Health and Defense Ministries of Israel, which took place in the North. The exercise examined the response to a severe biological attack on the airbase

Lilach Gonen | Photography: Yonatan Zalk

An aircraft technician becomes a local kindergarten teacher, a secretary becomes a pilot and the entire medical team wears full-body protection gear. That is the description of the scene at the “Ramat-David” Airbase medical clinic during the “Orange Blade” exercise.
The exercise consisted of cooperation between authorities of the Airbase and authorities of the Ministry of Health, incorporating rescue departments and civilian emergency services. “The IAF is a central part of the exercise and has been cooperating fully from the early stages”, said Micha Ksirer, Head of the NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Division.

For the first time in the IDF, an exposure-clinic was constructed at the Airbase during the exercise. The clinic will house whoever may have been exposed to the biological substance, giving emergency service and implementing preventative measures. “Biological sickness is characterized by slow beginnings, so preventative measures may meaningfully minimize the outburst”, says Ksirer.

“Correct treatment will prevent operational damage”

The “Orange Blade” exercise occurs once a year, but this is the first time it is conducted in the North and in “Ramat-David” Airbase. “We’re constructing the methods by which we’ll deal with such an event. The exercise tests the abilities of the formations to make emergency decisions and trains the medical forces in dealing with emergencies”, said Lieutenant Colonel Hanan, Commander of a flight squadron in “Ramat David”.

“The intelligence authorities in the IAF and in IDF understand the purpose of practicing matters concerning to biological terror”, said Brigadier General Itsik Krise, Chief Medical Officer of the IDF, who arrived to observe the exercise. “There’s an understanding that correct treatment will prevent operational damage in the IAF as well as save human lives”.