Black Box Found Black Box Found Israeli rescue team prepares to land at the Romanian crash site, despite the severe weather conditions. Three helicopters and the rescue Unit of the IAF take part in the effort

Dana Russo | Nikolai Avrutov

Yesterday, under severe weather conditions, Romanian rescue teams located the black box, in the rugged terrain of the Carpathian Mountains where the IAF helicopter crashed on Monday.

Upon locating the box, it appears that the crash was caused by a combination of severe weather conditions, and human error. Nevertheless, the IAF has not drawn any final conclusions, and technical failure has not been ruled out completely as of yet.

Two Israeli “Hercules” planes landed in Romania last night, carrying on board an IDF delegation, led by Lt. Col. A, commander of the elite 669 Search and Rescue unit, along with several dozens of soldiers from the unit. In addition, the delegation included soldiers and rescue dogs from the “Oketz” unit, an independent Canine Special Forces Unit, and representatives of the Military Rabbinate (IDF religious representatives). The Military Rabbinate is responsible to make the final confirmation of the information received yesterday, that the seven bodies found at the crash site are indeed of the seven soldiers that were in the helicopter at the time of the incident.

Rescue of the remains was delayed by a day, due to severe weather conditions at the crash site.

According to senior officials, it will take a long while to complete a thorough investigation; the mountainous terrain makes it very difficult to retrieve all helicopter parts, which need to be then transferred back to Israel, before any final conclusion may be drown.

Israeli Air Force representatives are with the families of the soldiers at all times.

Training routine and all flights suspended yesterday –  resumed.