Black Box Now in Vehicles Black Box Now in Vehicles Black Box Now in Vehicles A special interview with Head of the Quality Supervision Command, Colonel Nir, unveils the future plans of the IAF to protect its soldiers. To our surprise, many efforts focus on ground security, not aerial issues

Shay Rosenfeld

In the past years, road fatalities have become an epidemic of sorts. We hear of more and more car accidents, of the injured and killed. Unfortunately, sleepiness and lack of responsibility on the road are ubiquitous. “After severe car accidents in the 90’s, it was decided at the IAF to compare the driving world to the aeronautical world in terms of aerial security”, says Head of the Quality Supervision Command, Colonel Nir. “One of the systems that are expected to be implemented in the coming year is called EDA: Electronic Driver’s Assistant”.

Throughout the drive, the system will document the actions of the vehicle. Information on sudden movements, higher speeds than usual and additional actions will be received and stored, similarly to the Black Box that is installed in planes and helicopters. “The direct and main contribution of this system is instruction, learning and improving the driving skills of those using the car”, said Colonel Nir. “These days, we don’t yet have systems for all vehicles. The system will be implemented in accordance with risk-potential, for example in trucks, buses and ammunition-transferring vehicles”.

Protecting You On-Ground

Colonel Nir claims that the IAF puts an emphasis on safe driving. “It’s an area that is very important to us because the majority of the injured and killed are road-accident victims”, he said.

Amongst the projects that deal with the issue is the “Guardian Angels” project, which’s goal is to change driving habits by using the influence of passengers on the driver. “The project began out of an understanding that the majority of those killed and injured in car accidents were the additional passengers in the car and not only the drivers”, explains Colonel Koren. “Lately, we’ve been working to include male soldiers alongside the females already working on the project”.