British Auster planes are purchased on behalf of Sherut Ha’avir.

On January 21st 1948, Sherut Ha’avir escorted a convoy carrying a special cargo that would greatly enhance the Sherut’s effectiveness. It was the first of two convoys carrying Auster Autocrats that had been bought from the RAF, that wound its way down on that day, from the RAF base at ‘Akir (‘Ekron, now Tel Nof) to Tel Aviv. Upon completion of the assignment, the escorting plane radioed that the convoy had arrived at Sharona – now Hakiryah in Tel Aviv. The planes were offloaded and Sherut Ha’avir mechanics began a concentrated effort to make them operationally serviceable and improve them. Despite the insufficient replacement parts and tools, the renovation was completed by mid-February, and the planes were already flying by March.