The Cabinet, at its weekly meeting approved Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s proposal to raise the salaries of conscript soldiers by 50%. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "The increase will take effect in December; there will be additional increases in the future."
At the start of the Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu said:

"I would like to wish the entire People of Israel a Happy Chanukah. Tonight we light the first candle of Chanukah. While Chanukah is also a holiday for family gatherings, it is, first and foremost, a holiday of Jewish heroism, the heroism of a small, determined people that restored its independence and its sovereignty, which spread light and banished darkness; to a large extent it is the story of the State of Israel today.
Indeed we are a small, but very determined, people that brings progress and fights darkness, and very many countries around the world appreciate this today. While we are helping them with knowledge, technology, security and cyber, we – first and foremost – defend ourselves and as in the days of the Maccabees, we have restored our independence and our defensive abilities.
Therefore, at this time, on the eve of Chanukah, there is no more appropriate time to submit the initiative of raising the salary of conscript soldiers. In the end, we live on our defensive capabilities, which IDF soldiers provide, and I am pleased that there is agreement – between the Finance Minister, the Defense Minister and the Prime Minister. I assume, and I am certain, that all ministers will join in raising the salary of IDF soldiers; it is necessary, right and correct, and there is no better gift for the eve of Chanukah."
At the start of the Cabinet meeting, Finance Minister Kahlon said:
"There is broad agreement between the Prime Minister, the Finance Ministry, the Defense Ministry and all ministers, to raise the salary of all conscript soldiers. This corrects a longstanding injustice and I am pleased that it has fallen to us to do it. We have succeeded in correcting this injustice. The supplement is significant – approximately 50% in one go. It is important for us to send a clear message to parents. Just as commanders watch over and protect the security of the soldiers, we in the government are also concerned for their needs. It is still not enough, but we are on the right track; the step we have taken is a significant one."
The Cabinet unanimously passed Finance Minister Kahlon’s proposal to raise the salaries of conscript soldiers by approximately 50%. In the framework of his proposal, NIS 600 million per annum will be invested in improving the basic conditions of conscript soldiers.
A joint Finance Ministry, Defense Ministry and Justice Ministry committee evaluated the implementation of the decision and decided to recommend raising the salaries of all conscript soldiers during their time of service by approximately 50%. The committee consulted with various experts before arriving at the abovementioned decision which significantly improves the economic situation of conscript soldiers throughout their term of service.
See the following table:

Base salary

Current situation

Committee recommendation


NIS 1,077

NIS 1,616


NIS 784

NIS 1,176


NIS 540

NIS 810