Canadian Visit Canadian Visit Canadian Visit Canadian Forces Chief of Air Staff, Lieutenant General André Deschamps completed a four day work visit in Israel. “I learned a great deal from you”, he said at special interview to the IAF Magazine. The main purpose of the visit was to deepen the level of cooperation between the forces.

Yuval Shoham | Translation: Nikolai Avrutov

During his four day visit, General Deschamps met with Lt. Gen. Ido Nehushtan and other senior staff of the air force and the IDF. The general was briefed on current intelligence matters, main strategic challenges and the operational experience of the Israeli air force.


On the second day of his stay, General Deschamps toured the Tel-Nof air base, and visited the “First UAV” (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) squadron which operates the “Eitan” UAV (also known as Heron TP). The tour was of particular relevance for the General as the Canadian Air force employs Israeli made UAV “Shoval” (also known as Heron 1) in its operations in Afghanistan.  “We are now adopting the UAV technology at the Canadian forces, and we would like to learn more from the IAF, and its many years of experience deploying the UAVs along side with manned air craft”.

On the third day of his stay, Lt. General Deschamps and Lt. General Nehushtan went on a helicopter tour over Jerusalem, followed by a visit at the “Yad Vashem” museum. Later in the day the General met with head of intelligence, and the deputy of Chief of General Staff.

In his interview, Lt. Gen. Deschamps spoke about the F-35 aircraft: “we announced the purchase of this aircraft last week. We will acquire 65 units, and receive them by 2017. By 2020 they will replace all other jets currently in active duty. This jet represents a tremendous technological leap forward as it combines great manoeuvrability, wide array of sensory capabilities, and the use of various advanced technological platforms. It certainly is the “next generation” air craft”.

With regards to the Israeli air force, the general said: “the relationship between the Israeli and Canadian air forces is of great importance, and this was a wonderful opportunity to come here and further our connection. I learned a great deal from you”.

The full interview with the Canadian Air Force commander will be featured in the August issue of the IAF Magazine.