Two residents of the North charged that tried to enlist dash organization, contacted members of the Organization and expressed desire to hit publishing ishralhothr: result
An integrated investigation of Israel Police and the (Thursday) filed charges against two suspects.
The Organization and establishment of daaas in the Israel squad.

The two, a resident of Reina and resident of daburiya, defendants over the past year following
Dash activity on social networks and decided to go to Syria to join the organization. At the same time
They posted messages of support on Facebook.

The last may have landed the two
In Turkey in order to cross the border into Syria to join forces and daaas warriors. When
For family members, they spoke with the accused and begged them.
To return to Israel. It’s not wonder that aspiration to join the Organization and they continued to communicate with
The daaas in an attempt to join the organization. One of the defendants also claimed that he wants to carry out an attack in Israel.

The morning had been against
The charges, which include the support of an unlawful association, contact with an agent.
Alien, attempting to leave the country illegally attempted to purchase firearms, firearms, shooting in the area.
Residential. Conspiracy to commit a crime.

Translated from Hebrew