Citations for “Iron dome” & Unit 669 Citations for “Iron dome” & Unit 669 Citations for “Iron dome” & Unit 669 The Search & Rescue Unit (669) and the “Iron dome” battalion received citations for their military performance during operation “Protective Edge”

Naomi Zoreff and Shachar Zorani | Translation: Liran Ackerman

Last month, the Search & Rescue Unit (669) and the “Iron dome” battalion received the IDF Chief of Staff Citation and a Brigadier General Citation for their activity during operation “Protective Edge”.

During the ceremony which was led by the IDF Chief of staff, Lieutenant General Benjamin Gantz, 25 officers, NCOs, soldiers and reservists were awarded with citations. In addition, nine IDF units were also awarded with citations.

“We fought with determination to weaken ‘Hamas’ and the other terrorist organizations and to restore peace to the State of Israel. We were focused and understood the importance of out actions”, said IDF Chief of Staff.
“The challenges we face are known and clear. We are alert and vigilant, stand on guard, and we will do anything necessary to protect the citizens of Israel”.

Do not rest on our laurels
IAF “Iron Dome” batteries were responsible for over 700 interceptions and the deployment of new batteries before and during Operation “Protective Edge”. “At the end of the day, our capabilities depend on the soldiers that make up the battalion – their determination, decisiveness and sense of mission that motivated them throughout the operation. There was a very clear understanding that the soldiers of the battalion are responsible for the lives of the people of the State of Israel”.

The battalion received the citation with a feeling of satisfaction and responsibility. “We do not rest on our laurels. We will remain ready for any scenario”, said the battalion commander. “It is clear that the next campaign will be more intense and on wider-scale. We keep on drawing conclusions and preparing ourselves. In case of an escalation – we will be ready”.

Brig. Gen. Citation for Saving Lives
The Search & Rescue Unit (669) were awarded with a Brigadier General Citation from the Tel-Nof Airbase Commander, honoring the unit’s activity during Operation “Protective Edge”.

Prior to Operation “Protective Edge”, some of the unit’s teams were called in for an emergency draft. With the escalation in the south and the beginning of preparations for a campaign in Gaza, the entire unit was called in and the rest of the teams were drafted.

During the entire fighting period, the soldiers of the unit executed their tasks professionally and proved a great sense of responsibility for the lives of the injured they’ve evacuated under heavy fire.