Combat Pilots met soldiers of the Northern Command Combat Pilots met soldiers of the Northern Command Combat Pilots met soldiers of the Northern Command Combat Pilots met soldiers of the Northern Command Members of the “Defenders of the South” squadron made their way up to Northern Golan Heights to meet the soldiers of “36th Division”. They became aware of the difficulties in northern Israel and watched the country’s borders together. “Our visit here helps us see things through their eyes”

Shani Poms

Aerial teams from the “Defenders of the South” squadron in Nevatim met last week with people of the “36th Division” at their northern base in the Golan Heights. During the special visit, members of the squadron arrived at the division’s headquarters in Napach, where they learned about the daily issues the division faces with the changing environment, saw the daily routine of the division, and watched Israel’s borders. “Our acquaintance with the borders is very important. If we know what field circumstances we’re dealing with, we can be more efficient”, explained Lieutenant Colonel Matan, Commander of squadron. “This visit gives us perspective, and helps us understand what they go through while sitting in a tank under fire. The familiarity creates a deeper understanding of the other force’s operating zone, and it is crucial for the success of our operation “.

Aside from getting to know the field, people from the squadron and people from the division got to bond with one another. “Our bonding has great significance, and we need to create personal relationships which are based on trust”, says Lieutenant Colonel Matan. “During real emergencies, we will very likely have to assist ground forces and we need them to know that they can count on us and get the most out of this cooperation”.

The relationship between the Southern Combat Squadron and the Northern Command has been forged over a considerable amount of time: A few months ago, “Defenders of the South” got a real taste of life as a combat soldier when they entered the tanks and took part in exercises on the field. “In the Air Force, we try to strengthen the relationship with the ground forces. It started after the Second Lebanon War, when we sensed that both sides were fighting separate wars”, explained Lieutenant Colonel Matan. “We hope to get to a point in the future where we can sit one on one and set goals together with them”.