Combining Efforts Combining Efforts Combining Efforts Combining Efforts Combining Efforts The IAF’s newest recruit: joining the “International Squadron” out of Nevatim IAF base is the Re’em (Boeing 707) plane during a ceremony led by the Commander of the IAF, Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan

By: Dana Russou

“The IAF has gone a long way in its missions, and now has larger tasks and greater missions than ever before”, said Maj. Gen. Nehushtan in the ceremony.
“This was a complex process of finding a suitable plane”, explained Lt. Col. A., Commander of the “International Squadron”. “when a plane was operational in the best, like in this case, you need to dismantle and reassemble it again from the start”.
About one month ago, there were two test flights in the USA and after some final adjustments, the plane was transferred to Nevatim IAF base.

Despite its age, the performance and data on the plane would not have brought shame to any of the other planes in the squadron. “At this point, this plane has the best data of them all”, said Lt. Col. A. “The amount of flight hours it has is very large considering its age. In addition, it is built very well and stays in good condition”.

The plane completed its long flight from the USA, flown by the commander of the squadron, and was greeted by a formation of the other planes of the squadron. During the ceremony held in its honor, the logo of the squadron was pasted on its tail.

The Re’em is added to the ‘herd’ of Re’em planes that currently serve the squadron today, alongside the maritime patrol plane “Shahaf” which the squadron operates.
“This is an historic event”, concludes Lt. Col. A. “The feeling throughout the entire journey was that we were part of an historic event. Not every day does a new plane join the IAF”.