Soldiers at every IAF airbase are quick to build elaborate Sukkahs (temporary structures set for the Jewish Sukkot holiday) to serve the soldiers who don’t rest for a moment, even during the holidays. Our correspondents made rounds to find the “best” “Sukkahs” of this holiday season

The Greenest One
The Green “Sukkah” of Hatzerim Airbase is constructed entirely from eco-friendly materials. Every squadron at the airbase received a wall in the “Sukkah”, which it will design in accordance to its personality and what it represents. Using, of course, recycled paper.
“We’re looking for ways to give a front to the subject of the environment and water conservation”, explains Captain Kety Levy, an Education Officer in the airbase. “And when it’s visual, it’s a lot easier for the soldiers to connect with the subject matter”.

Family Matters
The soldiers, who will man Palmachim Airbase during Sukkot, will be able to experience some feeling of home. This is a result of the conclusion that a familial atmosphere is an integral part of the holidays. Throughout the weeks prior to Sukkot, soldiers at the airbase worked hard on constructing a “Sukkah” with the theme of “The Palmachim Family”. Visitors will be greeted with life-size caricatures of the different archetypes you would meet around the base: from a pilot to a technician in an overall.

Whoever looks at the “Sukkah” will be able to appreciate paintings from the brush of the children of the airbase and even drawings of famous families such as “The Simpsons”, done by “Noam House”, a center for people with developmental disabilities with which the people of the airbase have continuous contact. A soldier from the base says it best: “Because our base is one of cooperation and even our slogan is “Cooperation leads to victory”, we need to behave like a family”.

In addition to an elaborate holiday dinner, the soldiers and officers of Ramat-David Airbase worked hard on constructing two decorated and lit “Sukkahs”, in which they placed dozens of benches for the use of the soldiers. The covering of the “Sukkah”, by the way, was constructed from the airbase’s palm trees, in the heart of the lush, green Jezreel Valley.

Jewish “Hospitality”
“We’re constructing a specially decorated “Sukkah””, promises First Lieutenant Reut Hadad, an officer at Ramon Airbase. Aside from the “Sukkah”, a variety of traditional holiday activities including Torah lessons, will be introduced to the squadrons.

The peak of the holiday excitement in Ramon will be on next Tuesday, in which a ceremonious parent conference will be conducted for the family members of the soldiers serving at the base. The parent day will include various presentations and even a special aerial demonstration, all in the spirit of the holidays.