The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Equality are jointly initiating a national program to provide subsidized dental treatment to the elderly population in Israel through the HMOs (kupot cholim). ​In this framework, the Minister of Health, MK Yakov Litzman, and the Minister for Social Equity, MK Gila Gamliel, today (Wednesday) held a professional work meeting to advance the issue, with the aim of improving the quality of life of senior citizens. 
  During the meeting, the steps required for including dental health services for persons aged 70 and over in the health services basket under the responsibility of the HMOs (kupot cholim) was discussed, taking into account aspects of funding, formulation of appropriate criteria, determination of a basket of treatments, operation and implementation of the move.
The ministers announced that the two Ministries were setting up a joint task force, which will submit its recommendations within 60 days.
Minister of Health Yakov Litzman:
“After having carried out a reform in dental treatment for children, we are now working to broaden the reform also for the elderly population of Israel. Together with the Minister for Social Equity, Gila Gamliel, we are working to lead a joint social move that will do justice to the previous generation, and ease their heavy burden, medically and economically.”
Social Equity Minister Gamliel:
“This socio-economic move, of utmost importance, will benefit the health and welfare of senior citizens in Israel, being the step that naturally follows on from the important reform led by Health Minister Litzman in respect of free dental treatment for children. The State has a responsibility for its citizens, how much more so for those who have contributed and given it best years of their lives.”