Comment by PM Netanyahu at the Climate Conference in Paris
Photo by Amos Ben Gershom, GPO  

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the climate conference in Paris, made the following comment:
"I just had an important talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin. We agreed to deepen the coordination between us in order to prevent mishaps and to do so on a broad basis. I think that every citizen of Israel understands today, in light of recent events on the Turkish border, the great importance of my trip to Moscow and these ongoing contacts with the Russian President. Tomorrow, senior IDF and Russian military officers will meet in order to continue this policy.
Moreover, at this conference I have met with dozens of leaders from around the world, with President Obama, with the Prime Minister of India, with leaders from Africa, with European leaders, Merkel and Cameron, I invited Prince Charles to visit Jerusalem – all world leaders in effect.
Israel’s position is very strong. People are seeking out a close relationship with us. They understand that Israel is a major regional force as well as a major global force in technology and cyber. There is hardly anyone who hasn’t spoken with me about this and they also understand that we can help in the war on terrorism and radical Islam. This is strong and genuine. This finds expression in the desire of many leaders, from Australia and in general, to talk and cooperate with Israel.
I am in the group photo, there is a protocol. It is important that the world see that we are always ready to talk. But on the other side, I have no illusions about Abu Mazen. I discussed this with President Obama in a conversation we had while walking in the corridors here, and I told him that a main part of terrorism is incitement and that Abu Mazen must stop his incitement and the lies that he is spreading about our policy on the Temple Mount. President Obama told me that he intends to discuss this with Abu Mazen, that he agrees with me that this must stop."