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The “Amos 5” satellite in Baikonur, Kazakhstan This afternoon the countdown has ended following the launch of “Amos 5”- the Israeli Communication Satellite to space. Now the countdown begins to its operation alongside “Amos 2” and “Amos 3”

Shir Golan

A new acquisition has joined the “Spacecom” family: The communication Satellite “Amos 5” who was launched this afternoon from Baikonur, Kazakhstan. The new satellite weighed 1900 Kg at launching and extends to three and a half meters.

“Amos 5” is an additional satellite manufactured by “Spacecom” who manufactured various satellites including two other ones which are already operating in space: “Amos 2” and “Amos 3”. The Satellite has been purchased from “NOP PM” three years ago, and is the first Israeli Satellite that was not manufactured at the “Israel Aerospace Industries”.

Until now, the “Spacecon” company provided communications services in the Middle East, Europe and the United States. Since the launch of the “Amos 5” the company will also operate in the African Continent.

“Africa is one of the largest in-demand areas these days”, explained Dudi Zusiman, Manager of the “Amos 3” and “Amos 4” programs, “In Africa, the ground communication is underdeveloped so satellite communication is an excellent solution”.

“A Cross Nation Mission”

The “Amos 5” satellite is different than its predecessors in its service spot, 17 degrees east over the African Continent. In addition, the satellite has four large antennas and its electric charge operates on 5600 Watts.
“The “Amos 5″ project is a complex mission, a cross nation one”, said representatives of the company, “We’re expecting the satellite to work as planned and begin its service period as soon as possible. The thirst for communication in Africa is great and we hope to alleviate it”.

These days, the “Spacecom” Company is working on the “Amos 4” Satellite which will be operating in the year 2013 and supply services in Russia and South Asia, along with the “Amos 6” which is expected to provide services in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America in the year 2014.