Continuing His Journey

Today, First Lieutenant Y’ will be continuing her grandfather’s unfinished journey Continuing His Journey

Lieutenant Colonel Shimon, killed during the Yom Kippur War About 40 years ago, during the Israeli Yom Kippur War Lieutenant Colonel Shimon was killed as he returned from attacking targets in Egypt. Almost 40 years later, his granddaughter continues his unfinished journey; Today, she will be receiving her wings and become an official IAF combat navigator. “I’m proud to continue in his paths”

Lilach Gonen

As the final stages of the combat navigating course came around, First Lieutenant Y’ began flying the A-4 SkyHawk. Usually, before their first flight, future pilots get overwhelmed and enthusiastic, but Y’s thoughts went way back into the past, 39 years back to be exact. On the second day of the Yom Kippur War, he grandfather, Lieutenant Colonel Shimon got on to the same airplane, A-4 SkyHawk, and took off towards Egypt. On his way back, his airplane was hit by a shoulder-fired missile and he had to desert the plane. “They found the plane, but not his body. Basically, they don’t know what happened to him, his tracks were lost”, says First Lieutenant Y’, “My grandfather’s story has always been summarized as a big question”.

Y’, graduated of the upcoming IAF Aviation Course isn’t the only one who decided to recruit to the IAF and follow her legacy: Four of Shimon’s children served in different positions all around the Force. “I made a choice to recruit to the Aviation course and not because I wanted to continue in my family’s ways”, she states, “This is all I want to do, but due to my family’s another emotional layer is added to the whole situation”.

First Lieutenant Y’ who never knew her grandfather was able to find little evidence of the man he was, all around the Aviation Academy. “In a away, the course made me know him a little better and feel more connected to him “, she shares. “I’m very proud of my grandfather and I’m proud to be here to continue what he started”.