Copter Squadrons Practice with Golani Brig. Copter Squadrons Practice with Golani Brig. Copter Squadrons Practice with Golani Brig. Copter Squadrons Practice with Golani Brig. This week, the Golani Brigade hosted an extensive exercise in the Ramat HaGolan area. Aerial forces joined the practice: combat and transport helicopters accompanied the forces, evacuated the injured and loaded equipment. “Without the IAF, we would have advanced more slowly”, the brigade explains

Shir Golan | Photography: Shai Shachar

The Golani Brigade carried out an extensive division-wide exercise, which spread out on the entirety of the Ramat HaGolan area. Between charging forward and camouflage missions, the fighters of the ground forces practiced together with IAF squadrons in various war scenarios. Speedy combat helicopters accompanied the ground forces in their attacks, while transport helicopters carried injured fighters and provided medical equipment and ammunition to the brigade.

For days, the “Golani” brigade and the helicopter squadrons practiced alongside one another. “We’ll be joining forces for years ahead”, says Major Ron Edut, Frontal Operational Officer of the brigade. “Cooperation with the IAF allows us to have an aerial observation point on the battlefield, a point of view we don’t have from the ground. Without the IAF, we’d probably be lacking equipment, advance more slowly and face difficulties in treating the wounded”.

The exercise included an officer from the cooperation unit, who helped create a mutually legible language between sky and ground. “The IAF has control at any given moment of any aircraft in the air, but during emergencies and at wartime, the missions usually come from the ground up. That’s why we need the two arms to work together”, he explained.”For example, at war, a lone force that is in distress or is under massive fire can call combat helicopters to backup the forces”.