Counter-Terrorism 101:  Five Ways to Fight Terror

As Islamic extremism increasingly becomes a global threat, nations around the world are looking for ways to keep terror away from their streets and out of their cities. Here are 5 ways we do it in Israel. 

1. Detecting and Arresting Terrorists

Our top priority is to stop attackers before they strike. An array of advanced intelligence mechanisms are designed to uncover unusual behaviors and patterns that can disclose terror cells or individual terrorists. When attacks happen, finding and arresting the perpetrators is crucial.

Arrests are performed regularly. Recently, the IDF (Zahal) arrested 24 people who attempted to set up a Hamas headquarters in Qalqilya.

2. Finding and Confiscating Weapons and Explosives

Keeping weapons and explosives away from terrorists is critical for keeping people safe. Intelligence systems and forces on the ground operate to prevent the illegal smuggling and production of weaponry by terror organizations.

With efficient information collection and precise surgical operations, weapon caches and explosives are frequently found and confiscated. Recently, the IDF (Zahal) uncovered a weapons cache in Nablus containing assault rifles, pistols, grenades, and ammunition.

3. Guarding Civilian Communities

The mere presence of an armed soldier can be enough to stop a deadly terror attack. When attacks do take place, soldiers are the first to respond. They apprehend the attacker, treat the victims, and prevent escalation. That’s why IDF (Zahal) troops are on guard 24/7 in volatile areas. They patrol the perimeter of communities and safeguard major routes. In periods of heightened violence, additional troops are sent to vulnerable areas for increased protection and deterrence.

Counter-Terrorism 101:  Five Ways to Fight Terror

Female combat soldiers guard near Nablus, a hotbed of Palestinian terror

4. Dispersing Violent Riots

Violent riots take place in terror-filled cities and villages. Gatherings often turn dangerous as rioters throw rocks and Molotov cocktails at central routes. Riots are dispersed when they impose an immediate threat to the lives of civilians.

In this video, an officer tells rioters that they have a right to protest peacefully, but asks them to refrain from violence. When they continue throwing rocks, the riot is dispersed with non-lethal methods like stun grenades, tear gas, and rubber bullets.

Palestinian man hit by rocks hurled by Palestinians near Hebron. IDF (Zahal) forces provided treatment on site.

5. Setting Up Security Measures On Main Routes

Checkpoints and crossings stop the smuggling of illegal weapons and help detain attackers on the spot. After an attack, checkpoints are set up around its perimeter to stop the perpetrator from fleeing.

Combined with intelligence reports, these crucial security measures have stopped countless attacks, proving to be efficient.  Read more about crossings and checkpoints here.