Creating Outside the Box Creating Outside the Box Creating Outside the Box “The purpose of this entire place is to create the coolest thing that we could imagine”. Hundreds of soldiers and officers of the technical division strived to create technological projects that will participate in the IAF’s annual technological camp

Tal Michael

Cool: A word that has been crystal clear for a few exhausting weeks to the soldiers of the IAF’s Technical Division. The technologies presented here have no use in our everyday lives, but at ‘Technocamp’ they take on a whole meaning, leaving the audience with expressions of awe thinking: ‘what is going on here?’

James Bond Style

Twenty groups of the Technical and Intelligence formations worked for days on imaginary technological systems which have no purpose: systems that give you the appropriate time for you to retire, a game table which connect to your iPhone and allow you to use an endless variety of applications, or computer games which electrocute the contestants. None of the systems will serve the IAF but the creative thinking and the personal cooperation developed will contribute to operation in missions.

“It’s not something we can avoid–the IAF just like any other organization has to act fixated in a way”, said Yuval Diskin, a former commander of the General Security Services.”This fixation is needed in every large formation but creativity is crucial and these sorts of events give it life and prove that it’s essential”. Diskin spoke of years of experience serving in a defense organization. “There is an entire division that looks like a James Bond movie”, he described in one of his lectures. “When we realized the importance of creativity, we began investing in technology and breakthroughs. We became one of the best intelligence organizations”, stated Diskin.

Technology Saves Lives

Between electric shock to surprising water jet, the Technocamp contestants met with IAF executives and well-known high-tech professionals. “It’s a good chance for us to explain about thinking outside of the box, how it can save lives”, said Brigadier General (Res.) Gaby Shahor, a helicopter pilot and former commander of Palmachim Airbase. “A few years ago, we went out on a complicated mission with three helicopters, far from the country’s borderlines. On our way back to Israel one of the helicopters was damaged in the blades so we have to land immediately on hostile grounds. We were able to replace one of the blades but we couldn’t change the other “.

Shahor and his people had to deal with a life threatening situation which forced them to think of a creative idea immediately. “We closed the hole with duct tape that we found. That’s how we were able to manage for a few more hours in the air and return home safely”.